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OFFER ENDS 11/15/19


Hi, Dr. Michael Breus here. Thanks for stopping by.

You’ve just been through what is likely one of the most life-changing and empowering events of your life, with Tony Robbins. I’m thrilled to have been on that journey with you. I’m still feeling supercharged!

Chances are you need a little sleep now too!

During my presentation, I promised you access to an exclusive sleep course that I’ve literally spent years concepting and building. It’s the result of seeing thousands of patients, reviewing reams of scientific literature, and countless experiments and iterations.

This is, quite simply, the work I’m most proud of because of the profound impact it will have on the way you sleep and the way you perform. It will powerfully and positively impact every aspect of your life from the bedroom to the boardroom.

This course consists of nearly 100 individualized easy-to-consume and comprehend videos, quizzes, and deep-dive guides based on your Chronotype, broken into 16 modules.

During the course I’ll personally teach you:

  • How your sleep really works
  • How your body is wired for sleep based on your specific chronotype
  • How to measure how well you sleep and how to know if you may have a sleep disorder
  • How and what you should track during sleep, what works and what doesn’t
  • How your sleep environment conspires against a good night of sleep and how to fix it
  • How to supercharge your sleep each night so you wake up refreshed and ready
  • How to manage anxiety and stress that keeps you awake at night
  • How to optimize your sleep biology
  • How to know which supplements to take to maximize sleep and when to take them (vital!)
  • How to know when to get your best outcomes for anything you want to do based on your personal biorhythm
  • How to develop a personalized pre-sleep routine to be sure your body is prepared and in an optimal sleep state


  • How to maximize your morning. You’ll learn an exact routine that will determine your day
  • I’ll teach you optimization for executives and entrepreneurs
  • How to use sleep as your secret weapon for athletic performance 
  • How to biohack your sleep for even more optimized performance and better rest

There is so much in this course that will create profound changes in your life that I can’t wait for you to get your hands on it so you can dive in and upgrade your sleep and your life.

As I mentioned on stage, this is special pricing that is only good until the end of this week (11/15/19)

Choose Your Sleep Course


Optimize Your Sleep Course $497.00 (regularly $997) 

Get full course lifetime access so you can refer back, tweak and optimize your sleep anytime you need. USE CODE upw500 at checkout to get this special price.

Note For The Following Two Courses: I can only take 100 people TOTAL between these programs because of my current schedule. Once they are gone, these discounts will disappear.


Course + Personal Consultations With Me – Dr. Michael Breus

Optimize Your Sleep Course + Personal consultation $997 (regularly $1997) 

Want to go a lot deeper? Get the course plus a 30-minute (Video or Phone), one-on-one sleep optimization consultation with me to get your sleep questions answered and to customize a program based on your very specific needs. This program is NOT for people who are under the care of a sleep doctor currently. USE CODE upw1000 at checkout to get this special price.

Optimize Your Sleep Course + 2 Personal Consultations and my Sleep Gift Box $1497 (Regularly $2497) 

This is the ultimate sleep makeover. You get course lifetime access, a 30-minute deep-dive sleep optimization consultation and a 30-minute fine-tune optimization follow-up appointment (Video or Phone) to review and tweak your results. I’ll also include a gift box of my favorite sleep products, the very same products I use each night to maximize my own sleep. This is my gift to you for committing to your sleep in a meaningful way. The gift box contains several hundred dollars of products you’ll use immediately. This program is NOT for people under the care of a sleep doctor currently.

NOTE: This program is my ultimate sleep program (without buying my two-day intensive and six-month follow up program which is $30k and extremely limited in availability. These slots are typically reserved for professional athletes, celebrities, high-level entrepreneurs and Fortune 100 executives) USE CODE upw1000 at checkout to get this special price.

Sweet Dreams Are Made Of These And All Of Mine Come With A Guarantee!

30-Day Sweet Dreams Guarantee – If you go through the course and implement what you learn and are not getting better sleep each night, simply send me a note, let me know what changes you’ve made, what didn’t work for you and I’ll refund your purchase price immediately. 

I’ve helped thousands of people totally transform their sleep, and I’m 100% confident that I can help you if you do your part by going through the course and implementing what you learn. 

That’s it. It’s up to you to take the next step. The only thing you have to lose by not getting the course is another night of sleep … but you have EVERYTHING to gain. I’ll see you inside.

Sweet Dreams,
Dr. Michael Breus